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On November 11, 1998

Our Mascot
'Plug' the Pencil Duck

About Plug...
Plug is based on the Indian Runner duck (the pencilled variety to be precise), a breed which was featured in the movie 'Babe' for its comical appearance, remarkable running speed and constant restlessness. Plug is a 'wired' eccentric, literally plugged in to the telecommunications age via his english derby, fitted with unlimited machines and electronic devices. Plug is Protothought's official mascot, and you can enjoy his antics with every visit to our site.

Nusrat is Coming...

Bombs and guns are old news. Nusrat is messing up the world in new, digital ways. He's responsible when you can't make any sense of your phone bills, or when you wait at traffic lights in empty streets in the dead of night. From his secret operations centres around and above the world, Nusrat is ensuring that the golden age of the networked planet has a few snarled circuits.

Protothought provides humorous cartooning services to internet-connected businesses across North America and around the world. We offer unique advantages to our customers:

Be Anywhere
Wherever you are on the planet, if you're connected to the net, we can do business

The cerebral cortices of our staff are jam-packed with idea-generating neurons

Protothought involves you at every step of development. You get exactly what you want and expect.

Online Review
Review your completed or in-progress images online

Protothought guarantees your complete satisfaction with your finished images

One of Protothought's customers is MAKO Gear. MAKO Gear produces T-shirts, hats, and other related products for the domestic and international scuba apparel market.

Under the Cape
ADSL offers incredible improvements in speed over dial-up analog lines. We're building its identity.

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I invite you to tour our site and discover how Protothought will make your business visuals more attractive, entertaining, and effective. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finished work because we closely involve you with its creation each step of the way.

Protothought endeavours to make this site responsive to your needs and interests, ensure it is easy to navigate, and present our service through the clearest interface possible. If at any point during your visit you wish to comment on any of these areas, please click on the feedback guitar on the bottom left of any page.

Thank you for visiting with us.

Paul Longley
Graphics Director
B.A.Sc.Engineering Physics

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