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Our world is oriented strongly toward the visual. Companies that aren't easily recognized in the public's eyes are handicapped, no matter what other merits they possess. To make your identity or message stand out from the crowd, get the edge that Protothought can provide. Our images, tailored to your application, will give you significant advantage over your competitors. You'll get noticed, and people will remember you.

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The Power of Cartoons

The vivid colours, the surreal quality, and the built-in entertainment of cartoons gives them a quality that ordinary photographic images or graphic art cannot possess. Their power to attract and hold the public's attention is proven by the enormous success of characters familiar to everyone:

 Mickey Mouse
 The Simpsons
 Beavis and Butthead
 Ren and Stimpy
 Gary Larson
 Dr. Seuss
 Calvin and Hobbes
 and many others...

Many cartoon characters start out as pure entertainment, and go on to capitalize on their public popularity as product endorsers and spokescharacters. Snoopy of 'Peanuts' endorses Metropolitan Life Insurance. Other characters are created directly for the purpose of product promotion: The Cheetos leopard, Fido Dido for Seven Up, and the California Raisins are only a few examples. And in the case of Walt Disney, where his enormous Disney corporation found its start in a humble mouse, there seems to be no limit to what a popular cartoon character can become associated with.

Protothought offers your company the ability to enjoy these advantages as well. Your products will be recognized more, your readers will follow your copy more closely, your public events will become more entertaining and memorable.

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