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Who Are Our Customers?

Almost any company or individual can benefit from Protothought. Our images become part of the visual interface to your customer, appearing in your products, manuals, promotional media, advertising, or even as part of your corporate identity.

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Protothought can provide service to a wide range of business sectors including:

Software Developers
Improve the appearance of your user interface

Web Site Authors
Add sizzle and appeal to your customers' web sites

Magazine Authors
Images to accompany any kind of periodical article

Book covers and internal illustrations for all nature of subjects and ages

When your customers ask for cartoons on their printed media

Yellow Pages Advertisers
Your yellow page ad will stand out from the ordinary

Signage Companies
Nothing catches the public's eye like our work

Newspaper advertisers
Make your ad stand out from the mass of black and white

Desktop Publishers
Easy, customized work that makes your projects look great

Traditional Print Media
All forms of traditional printing, flyers, packaging, and more

Professional Presenters and Lecturers
Make an impression that blows clip-art out of the game

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