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Partner up with Protothought - Resistance is futile, as is impedance and capacitance.

To provide comprehensive service to its customers, Protothought may occasionally require complementary services from partners. Protothought is interested in associating with companies or individuals talented and experienced in the following categories:

Digital Cartooning
Graphic Design
Web Page Architecting
Desktop Publishing

If you are interested in partnering with Protothought, please email us at [email protected], including a link to one or more pages profiling your work.

Protothought is interested in discussing partnering with C++ software developers. We are looking at two undeveloped product areas:

1) Micro-entertainment applications: Animated applications that run for one or two minutes, delivering general content or performing a specific task during their runtime.

2) Animated characters to front-end traditional 'Help' applications, extending the core concept of Microsoft Office Assistants into characters with networked intelligence, personalities, and character/storyline development.

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