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Payment Methods
Protothought currently accepts the following forms of payment in either U.S. or Canadian currency:

Money Order
Direct transferrance of funds between financial institutions

Credit Card
Protothought does not currently support credit cards as a payment option. If sufficient interest in this form of payment is received from our customers, they will be included. Let us know whether you would use this option, which card brand you use, and your feelings about security issues regarding transferance of credit card numbers via the internet.

Electronic Commerce
Because electronic commerce via the internet is still formative, Protothought does not currently offer it as a payment option. It is, however, fundamental to our primary vision of operating totally through the internet. We are following developments in this area, and will offer this service to our customers when the technology and user base is established.

Payment Terms
Net 30 Days. Depending on circumstances and our relationship with a particular customer, Protothought may request partial or full payment in advance.

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