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Pricing Model
The following information describes the general pricing model Protothought applies to customer projects.

Licensing Versus Purchasing
It is important to understand the distinction between licensing an image and its outright purchase. In exchange for one or more design, license, and royalty fees, Protothought licenses the right-to-use for images it has created. At all times, Protothought retains copyright and sole ownership of all images created. Protothought retains ownership of its work in a manner similar to the way software companies retain ownership of their programs. Anyone buying a software program is actually licensing a copy, and is bound by very specific license limitations as described in the EULA (End-User Licensing Agreement) found in every software package. Customers who buy the program do not own the software, and therefore do not possess the right to freely copy, distribute, or modify the program.

Fee Components
During the course of working with Protothought, customers may be required to pay one or more of the following fees:

One-Time Design Fees
License Upgrades

One-Time Design Fees
One-time design fees are paid to Protothought to conceptualize and render finished images. Intrinsic to the development of these images is a license clearly stating the medium in which the images will appear, production quantities, duration, geographical limits, or other conditions. Unless specifically permitted in this license, any and all other applications of the images are not permitted unless approved in writing by Protothought. Protothought prices its services using a hourly consultancy model rather than the tradition project-oriented model. Design fees are currently $60 U.S. per billable hour. Customers engage Protothought as concept creator and designer, on an hourly basis, for a number of hours of their choice. In effect, Protothought is micro-projected, working in billable hourly blocks of two to four hours at a time. Prior to commencing work, customers and Protothought will agree to a license as described in the above paragraph. If at any point during the image development process the customer decides to not proceed further, the images developed to that point are allowed for the customers use within the limitations set out in the license.

License upgrades
In the event that customers wish to use Protothought images beyond the original license limitations, upon agreement with Protothought, a revised license can be negotiated that extends the licensing terms. For example, if 'Hole Earth Excavating' liked their one-time-use Protothought-designed Yellow Pages ad so much that they decided to run it again the following year, Protothought would be pleased to negotiate an acceptable re-use fee.

Royalties: Profit Versus Non-Profit Applications
Protothought fees may include royalties, depending on the profit or non-profit end-use of the images. Royalties will apply when images are employed in a profit-generating use. Profit use is any application where the end product embodying the Protothought image(s) is saleable merchandise. Some examples include books, CD-ROMs, Software, Audio CDs, Clothing, Toys, Posters, etc... Some non-profit examples include brochures, catalogs, advertisements, and web pages.

Special Instances
Certain special instances occur where unique negotiated payment structures and licensing arrangements are necessary. These instances include corporate logos, trademarks, mascots, spokescharacters, corporate/product identity or other related images. Continued use will involve ongoing licence fees.

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