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Close Coupling of Customer and Design
Prothought operates using a model that employs the interactivity of the internet to closely involve you in the creative process. Ideas, roughs, sketches, and other components of the process will travel back and forth between Protothought and you. This allows an unprecedented level of review, additions, approval, and course correction.

Hourly Model
As a natural extension of the open-ended interactive design process, Protothought operates on an hourly fee basis rather than a project basis. You benefit by enjoying a level of control and input not commonly found in fixed-fee projects.

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Hole Earth Excavating: A Fictional Example

The following is a short fictional example of how Protothought might work with an imaginary customer. The steps are intended as guidelines only - Protothought will work with you to develop flexible models that suit your requirements.

  1. John Cavern of 'Hole Earth Excavating' receives an email from Protothought inviting him to visit the Protothought web page.
  2. John visits and is impressed with what he sees. Since last year, he has been wondering how he could improve his company's image, and he's interested in having Protothought help.
  3. Taking advantage of Protothought's offer of a free initial consultation, John emails Protothought. He describes Hole Earth Excavating and the kind of corporate 'face' he wants to present to his customers.
  4. Protothought replies to his message with an email describing its first impressions of how John could improve his company's visuals. These include thematic ideas for a logo, yellow page ads, company letterhead, and a mascot based on a subterranean mole. Protothought also asks John to review the pricing, licensing, and copyright information at the Protothought site so that he understands the nature of the work Protothought does.
  5. John likes Protothought's ideas, reviews all the descriptive information at Protothought's site, and decides to formally engage Protothought to work with him. He sends Protothought an approval for four hours of work to develop ideas for Hole Earth Excavating.
  6. Protothought assigns four hours to the project dividing it equally between developing a logo image and a Mole mascot. While it could have required a deposit or full payment in advance, it is familiar with the good reputation of Hole Earth Excavating, and opts to bill later.
  7. At the end of four hours, Protothought embeds the draft images and concept summaries in emails to John along with an invoice for four hours of work at the standard rate. If the files had been large, or if John had a slow or congested email system, Protothought could have place the work-in-progress in a private folder on its web site for John to download directly at his convenience. The information Protothought sends contains a license governing the work-in-progress
  8. John reviews the images Protothought has sent him. He decides that he likes the hourly rate arrangement because it allows him to develop a feel for Protothought's productive capacity. This allows him to decide the complexity and quantity of his images before he encounters budget restraints. He also likes being able to provide feedback on the images while they are in development.
  9. John emails Protothought with some revisions to its images. He suggests some colour changes, a modification of perspective, and tweaking the Mole mascot to more closely resemble that of 'Mole' from his childhood favourite in 'Wind in the Willows'. John also approves four more hours for Protothought to perform the work.
  10. Protothought makes the desired modifications, develops the images to completion, and emails them back to John. The email includes a modified invoice reflecting the new balance of 8 hours owing.
  11. John sends Protothought a message confirming that he is very happy with the finished images and they will not require further modification. Over lunch, he drops in at the local branch of his bank and arranges for a direct transferrance of funds from the Hole Earth Excavating's account to Protothought's account.

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